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What is Earth2?

Earth2 is the latest internet craze – a virtual world / game / real-estate market place built around a digital version of the entire planet. This Earth2 is made up of trillions of 10×10 meter tiles, all of which can be bought and sold for real money.

Its popularity as well as its prices have exploded since december 2020, and some people are comparing it to the next bitcoin. Actually, Earth2 has its own cryptocurrency, too. It is called Essence.

As of now, Earth 2 is more or less a giant Google Map made up of purchasable tiles. But future plans involve 3d graphics, the possibility of erecting custom-made buildings on your tiles, as well as augmented reality integration. Suffice it to say, the project is highly ambitious.

This site seeks to inform you about this crazy project, its potential opportunities and pitfalls. We are an independent ressource helping you make sense of everything related to Earth2.

Should I invest in Earth2?

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Latest News on Earth2

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FAQ about Earth2

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Latest News

Partnership with Polygon Studios to Bring Blockchain Solutions (Cryptocurrency) to Earth2

The developers behind Earth 2 have announced its planned blockchain deployment using the Polygon  framework to place its digital properties on-chain and onto the public Ethereum ecosystem. The Polygon framework is based on Ethereum.
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Earth2 Launches Implementation of Jewels and Essence as Cryptocurrency

A new jewel and essence system is now running smoothly in Earth2. But what are these new features exactly? 
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Dubai Launch Plagued by Server Issues

On March 20 at 21:00 UTC, the counter on Earth2 went to zero, thus enabling all users to purchase tiles from an otherwise locked country. Well, at least that was the intention. In reality, the launch left many frustrated and irritated, with some losing faith in the entire project.
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