Earth2 Investment tips - Your guide to buying the best tiles

Investment guide for Earth2

This article is for those who have already decided to invest in Earth2, but are unsure as to which tiles to buy. If you don’t know whether you will invest in Earth2, we suggest you read this guide first: Should You Invest in Earth2?

Earth2 Investment tip 1: Buy famous or popular places

Buying famous places is a good idea because the percieved value of famous places is high. This obviously makes it easier to sell for a good price as demand increases. In later stages of Earth2 development, all buildings will disappear to make room for custom-built buildings.

But still, we reckon that famous places will be in high demand. Why? Because famous places are popular in real life. And once virtual reality is integrated into Earth2, more people visiting your land in real life can translate into potential higher ad exposure. 

This also means that the places don’t neccessarily have to be famous – as long as they are popular. Think of places where lots of people traverse on a daily basis: airports, ports, bars, grocery stores, stadiums, railway stations etc. 

Earth2 Investment tip 2: Upgrading tiles from grade 2 to grade 1

Each tile has a grade of either 1 or 2. Grade 1 tiles generate both Tax income and jewels whereas grade 2 tiles do not. Tiles bought after December 4th 2021 are by default grade 2, but the can be upgraded using essence. 

Earth2 Investment tip 2: Buy tiles with potential gold or minerals

The developer has stated that, later on, you will be able to harvest minerals and gold in certain spots. These give you extra money and ressources. Try finding spots famous spots potentially hiding minerals and gold. A simple google search will get you far.

Earth2 Investment tip 3: Buy lots of significant small tiles rather than one big

Consider places that don’t take up much place. For example, a lighthouse often only takes up one tile. This means, it is many times cheaper than buying a big building. Maybe you could buy 10 lighthouses for the price of one building.

Earth2 Investment tip 4: Buy tiles with beautiful views

Once Earth2 becomes virtual reality-enhanced, people are likely to seek places with a beautiful views. Since the developers aim to remove all buildings from the map, consider tiles that offer gorgeous nature views in particular.

Earth2 Investment tip 5: Buy tiles in cheap, overlooked countries

Tile prices vary a lot from country to country. Think outside the box. Maybe you know of a special place in  country that has not yet exploded in value. On the Earth2 companion app for mobile, you can see which countries are the cheapest.

Earth2 Investment tip 6: Buy tiles in mega-cities

Megacities are part of a fascinating viral trend in Earth2. People are buying land in otherwise remote areas to form these virtual metropoles. Getting some central tiles in these cities could be a huge boon in the future when these cities expand further. You can see some examples of megacities here.

Earth2 Investment tip 7: Diversify your Strategy

No-one truly knows the best strategy for buying tiles. The project is so early, and there are many unknown factors. That is why diversifying by buying different types of tiles is advisable – a mix of popular places, spots with beautiful scenery, and possible mineral locations. Also consider mixing it up in terms of island tiles, city tiles, mega-city tiles, and maybe even a couple of special sea or lake tiles.

Earth2 Investment tip 8: Remember to use a discount code

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DISCLAIMER: Discover Earth2 is invested in Earth2, but not in any way affiliated with them. Discover Earth2 is not a financial adviser and cannot be held responsible for any potential loss. Investing in Earth2 is at your own risk.

Earth2 Investment Guide - Best tips

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