Should You invest in Earth2? Learn all about the pros and cons of investing in Earth2

The next bitcoin or a huge scam?

Earth2 is one of hottest and most risky investment opportunities today. You hear stories of some people getting returns of up to 2000%, and other stories of problems withdrawing money back to the bank accounts.

Are we witnessing the beginning of a new worldwide investment craze similar to the early days of bitcoin, or are we are all getting manipulated into tossing our money into the hands of scammers. 

Pros for investing in Earth 2

  • The concept of a second earth in cyberspace is extremely ambitious. Coupled with a future virtual reality integration, the potential for a massive hit with a distinct worldwide appeal is huge. 
  • Some people have reportedly sold their land for several 1000% profit already.
  • Earth2 has more than 250.000 users already. Average investment is $100 making the total investment 25 million$
  • The software works well at its current stage. What the team has accomplished is no small feat technically.
  • Finding and purchasing land is fun and addictive – important attributes of any succesful entertainment software. 
  • The concept of metaverses are extremely hyped these days – not least du to Facebook’s name change and new vision to focus on metaverses.

Cons for investing in Earth 2

  • Many people have experienced withdrawal problems – especially in late 2020 and early 2021. For some withdrawals are extremely slow, others are still waiting for their money after several months. (Read more about the withdrawal issue here.) (DiscoverEarth2.com has only had swift and satisfying experiences with withdrawals).
  • The use of Paypal for depositing and withdrawals has suddenly disappeared from their website.
  • The development team is relatively small and unknown.
  • Earth 2 has pyramid scheme-like mechanics built into its core.
  • The project could be hacked.

Our Take: Is Earth2 worth the risk?

At Discover Earth2 we believe that Earth 2 is a legit project – not a scam. We trust the developers – not least due to their interactions with the fan community at large. Also, we generally believe that the developers have little economic interest in scamming people, when you consider the huge future income potential of the project.

We do believe in the stories concerning the highly unacceptable withdrawal issues, but we also believe in the developer’s response. They acknowledge the problem saying they were taken off-guard by the sudden increase in popularity, but are working on a solution with top priority.

Nevertheless, these credibility issues represent a huge problem for the project, and they have to be resorted quickly to gain mainstream appeal. If this is not achieved the project may suffer a slow death. As for the small development team, we believe in the company when they say, that they are now hiring many new people in response to the project’s unforeseen succes.

The pyramid scheme-like mechanics, including a mutually beneficient referral system and a tax system that rewards all land owners for trades in a given area, make investing extremely risky. It could create a huge bubble likely to crash at some point in the future. If we are indeed facing a bubble, we do believe that this is currently at a very premature stage.

All in all, Earth2 represents a highly risky investment case. You could lose all your money due to withdrawal issues or hacking, so don’t spend what you cannot afford to lose.

On the other hand, the project is both entertaining to use as well as hugely ambitious with an immense worldwide appeal. You could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

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You can start your Earth2 investment here: Earth2.io

DISCLAIMER: Discover Earth2 is invested in Earth2, but not in any way affiliated with them. Discover Earth2 is not a financial adviser and cannot be held responsible for any potential loss. Investing in Earth2 is at your own risk.

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