Earth2 Investment tips - How to Generate the Most Essence - The Cryptocurrency of Earth2

Investment guide for Essence Generation in Earth2

This article is for those who are wondering how to generate as much Essence for your money as possible. If you don’t know whether you will invest in Earth2 in the first place, we suggest you read this guide first: Should You Invest in Earth2?

What is Essence – The Cryptocurrency of Earth2

Essence is a currency in Earth2, which is about to run on blockchain technology. In other words, it is a soon to be released crypto currency that can be generated by simply owning land in Earth2. Essence is then be claimed by going to your profile page each day.

To maximise your Essence production, follow these steps.

Earth2 Essence Generation Tip 1: Set your properties up for jewels

Properties with the right jewels generate significantly more Essence than those without. In order for jewels to be embedded in your properties you first need Mentars installed. 

This process takes 14 days, but then all mentars on all your past and future properties will be installed. If you cannot wait those 14 days, you can purchase mentars on each property individually – a rather expensive endeavor.

Once installed, Mentars can hold jewels to increase Essence. The jewels have to be those called Sunset or Jamaica. In order to get those jewels you need to craft them by combining other basic jewels. See the Glossary and FaQ page on jewels for more information. Basic jewels are generated each day by owning Tier 1 land – which brings us to the next tip.

Earth2 Essence Generation Tip 2: Upgrading tiles from grade 2 to grade 1

Each tile has a tier of either 1 or 2. Tier 1 tiles generate both tax income, jewels, as well as more Essence than tier 2 properties. Tiles bought after December 4th 2021 are by default tier 2, but they can be upgraded to tier 1 using essence. This is highly recommended as the initial Essence investment is quickly returned.

Earth2 Essence Generation Tip 3: Buy lots of small (one tile) properties rather than big (multi-tile) ones

One tile properties allow you to fit one jewel on it, whereas larger tile properties have less room for jewels per tile. Since jewels grant you more Essence the more 1 tile properties you have, the better.

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