Earth2 Launches Implementation of Jewels and Essence as Cryptocurrency

Earth2 Jewel and Essence Implementation Now Live

A new jewel and essence system is now running smoothly in Earth2. But what are these new features exactly? 
Essence is a currency in Earth2, which is about to run on blockchain technology. In other words, it is a soon to be released crypto currency that can be generated by simply owning land in Earth2. Essence is then claimed by going to your profile page each day. To maximise your Essence production, follow this guide.
Basic jewels are automatically generated by owning tier 1 land. They can enhance resource production or be used to craft more advanced jewels that also boost Essence production.
At present there are 7 basic jewels, which are tagged to the 8 resources Earth2 announced (but yet to generate).
– Blue — Increases ‘Freshwater’ production by 0.5%
– Black — Increases ‘Coal’ and ‘Oil’ production by 0.5%
– Brown -Increases ‘Wood’ production by 0.5%
– Ochre — Increases ‘Iron Ore’ production by 0.5%
– Grey — Increases ‘Limestone’ production by 0.5%
– Sandy — Increases ‘Sand’ production by 0.5%
– Yellow — Increases ‘Gold’ production by 0.5%
Furthermore, each jewel appear in 5 variants – Cracked, Cloudy, Common, Clear and Luminous. The higher purer the variant, the more boost you get.

What’s the use of crafting rare jewels

Rare jewels, such as Jamaica, Sunset & Sunrise Jewels can be crafted using the guide below. They also have the following advantages:
– They can increase Essence production
– They can be sold in the bazaar for profit
– They can be used to improve resource production even more.
– They can be used in soon to be announced PVP games
– They are going to make jewels more rare and scarce, thereby increasing the value of Jewels

 Below you can see how to create them.


How to create Jamaica, Sunset and Sunrise jewels that enhance Essence production

Earth2 Jewel Production Recipe
Earth2 Jewel Production Recipe


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