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Partnership with Polygon Studios to Bring Blockchain Solutions (Cryptocurrency) to Earth2

The developers behind Earth 2 have announced its planned blockchain deployment using the Polygon  framework to place its digital properties on-chain and onto the public Ethereum ecosystem. The Polygon framework is based on Ethereum.
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Earth2 Launches Implementation of Jewels and Essence as Cryptocurrency

A new jewel and essence system is now running smoothly in Earth2. But what are these new features exactly? 
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Dubai Launch Plagued by Server Issues

On March 20 at 21:00 UTC, the counter on Earth2 went to zero, thus enabling all users to purchase tiles from an otherwise locked country. Well, at least that was the intention. In reality, the launch left many frustrated and irritated, with some losing faith in the entire project.
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Dubai Unlocked: Tips on What to Buy once Dubai Tiles Unlock

On the Earth2.io website you will now see a countdown timer that goes to zero when we hit March 20 at 21:00 UTC. At this point, all tiles in the United Arab Emirates, including the metropolis of Dubai will be unlocked.
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Earth2 Developer Update on Ressources, Withdrawals and Anti-Scam Measures

In the latest update on Earth2's progress, the developer revealed that Essence, thebasic energy unit of Earth2 have been working really well in internal test environments and is almost ready to be released.
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Earth2 Easter Egg Hunt Unveiled

On Twitter, the developer og Earth2 has announced that an Easter egg hunt is about to begin in March. Details are still scarce, but they posted a picture with 20 eggs.
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The Popularity of Earth2 Continues to Soar

According to Alexa - a site dedicated to tracking web trafic all over the internet, the Earth2.io website continues to gain momentum.  Web activity is increasing rapidly.
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The Mega-Cities of Earth2

An exciting new, viral trend is happening in Earth2: The formation of Mega-cities. In a coordinated manner, people are buying land in remote areas to form these virtual metropoles. Here are some of the most prominent ones.
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What does the Future Hold for Earth2?

Read all about the next phases of development in the crazy virtual reality project called Earth2.
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What is the deal with Earth2’s withdrawal issues?

One of the biggest problems with Earth2 is withdrawal. People using the social media Reddit are reporting withdrawal times of more than a month and some have given up entirely.
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